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Welcome to Briar Prestidge,
The World of Corporate Fashion

The house of BRIAR PRESTIDGE shares a timeless vision of strength. Our philosophy is simple – to handcraft exquisite professional fashion using only exceptional materials. Our designs project power and elegance, both inside and outside the boardroom.

 “Be relentless in
 whatever you pursue.” 

The brand celebrates its founder Briar Prestidge and breathes her passion, intuition and hunger for success into the core of its DNA. The signature of BRIAR PRESTIDGE aesthetic combines classic corporate styles and tailored silhouettes with a strong attitude.

premium suite women first
premium suite women second
premium suite women first

2020-21 Collection

Our portfolio includes hand-crafted ready-to-wear power suits made from Italian fabrics, gold-plated cufflinks and leather briefcases. Our premium distribution network reaches businesswomen across the globe, with key locations in Dubai, New York, London and Saudi Arabia. 

We obsess over every detail. BRIAR PRESTIDGE unites corporate aesthetics with inspired designs.

Education for All

Education inspires, uplifts, and it elevates entire communities, transforming generations of struggle into a future filled with freedom and possibility. We believe it’s our responsibility to help lift up women around the world because giving back creates more opportunities for us all. We support Malaika, a community-driven charitable foundation empowering girls and women through educational opportunities and more in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Together, we can bring more to everyone.

Sustainable & Socially Conscious

At BRIAR PRESTIDGE, sustainability and socially conscious practices are woven into everything we do. We’re passionate about our planet and the people we share it with. We limit over production and each style is hand crafted in our studios. This may mean they take a little more time to arrive than the fast fashion you may be used to, but as a result our suits are TIMELESS.


About Designer, Briar Prestidge

Inspired by intellect and driven by ambition, Briar Prestidge embodies what it means to be a progressive, pioneering professional woman in the modern world. She has built her own personal branding empire, representing celebrities, HNWI, C-level executives, technology experts, and high-profile investors. Her design aesthetic is informed by her entrepreneurial journey, and her fashion house celebrates the power, strength, and sophistication that makes her an icon.

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